Locally Family Owned & Operated 

Locally Family Owned & Operated 



Do You have Carpenter Ants?

    We receive many calls from homeowners who discover winged carpenter ants in their home. Carpenter ant colonies send out these winged "swarmers" in large numbers, especially during the first warm days of spring. The ants are often found near windows because they instinctively fly towards light when they leave the nest.

    These winged ants are the reproductive females and males whose sole purpose is to start new ant colonies. The damage carpenter ants cause is scary enough, but seeing many of these swarmers indoors is a sure sign that the ants have a nest in your home. Take this as a wake-up call to phone us for control, before they cause expensive damage to your walls, roof or foundation.

    If you see worker ants (non-winged ants) indoors, or outside around your foundation, it does not necessarily mean there is a nest indoors. They may be nesting elsewhere and looking for food in or around your home. But to prevent carpenter ants from moving their main colony into your home, we need to control these ants. At the same time, all nests indoors must be treated.

    Call us for a professional inspection and control at the first sign of carpenter ants. We are the area experts in dealing with these troublesome pests!

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Ant Season Starts!

It's no wonder ants are a problem in so many homes and businesses. There are about 10 thousand trillion (that's one followed by 16 zeros!) You likely have a million or so ants living very near you.

When you think about it, our homes and businesses provide ants with everything they are looking for - food, water and shelter. In fact, if ants could talk they would surely thank us for providing them with such fine food and accomodations! 

Ants thrive for a number of reasons. We have all witnessed their amazing food finding abilities. Each colony sends out hundreds of thousands of scouts every day to find new sources of food and water. Once they make a discovery, they scurry back to their colony, leaving a scent trail as they go. Often within a matter of minutes of the discovery of food, there can be hundreds of ants swarming over their new-found snack!

Stinging by fire and harvester ants, and damage from carpenter ants, are serious problems. But ants can also carry disease-causing organisms such as the bacteria that causes common food poisoning. Ants easily pick up germs because they live in the ground and are scavengers that feed on many things, including carcasses of dead animals.

We are the area and experts, and no ant problem is too difficult for us. If you have ants, call us and we will expertly control these and other pest problems so you can enjoy and better and healthier life. 

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